Periodontics is a field of dental medicine that studies the periodontal issues. It involves preservation of health, prevention and periodontal disease therapy. The periodontal gum consists of dental flesh, bone and fibers that bind the bone with the tooth.

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The most common illnesses are gingivitis or inflammation of the gums, and periodontitis or parodontosis, a chronic degenerative disease that destroys the bone.

Parodontitis is one of the most common chronic diseases just like caries and the most common cause of teeth loss in adults, and for successful treatment it is necessary to react on time, begin with therapy and check-up regulary!

Symptoms that occur include inflammation and retraction of gums, tooth loosening, toothache and pain in gums, bleeding during tooth brushing and bad breath (halitosis).

Treatment includes a thorough first examination and diagnosis and a deep removal of calculus, dental plaque, poor fillings and prosthetics where bacteria can easy accumulate, ultrasonic removal or mechanical removal with periodontal curette. EPIC ™ diode laser with a special extension also comes as a great help in treatment.

Therapy can be:

Conservative where initial therapy is conducted, the patient is taught about oral hygiene and then dental calculus and plaque are removed.

Surgical methods are possible with initial therapy, but for the successful outcome, the patient-doctor collaboration is essential, as well as regular disease control and mastering good oral hygiene.

Teeth hypersensitivity to thermal, mechanical and chemical stimuli is a normal occurrence. During periodontitis, the dental flesh is inflamed and swollen. After cleansing the roots, the inflammation and the swelling withdraw, which leaves the dental neck and the root more exposed. Hypersensitivity usually lasts for several weeks. It can also be solved by coating with varnishes and gels on fluorine basis and using a toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

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