Orthodontics for children and adults

Orthodontics is a field of dental medicine that deals with the correction of the irregular position of the teeth and the irregular relationship between the upper and lower jaw.

​Causes can be genetic, but often the reason is the retention of milky teeth, premature loss of permanent teeth, excess or lack of teeth, etc.

​During orthodontic therapy, it is sometimes necessary to remove certain healthy teeth, milky or permanent teeth, in order to do successful and complete therapy.

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Orthodontics can be done with fixed or mobile braces.

Fixed braces are most common dental braces in orthodontics. They consist of locks and a wire placed in the locks, and so they stick to the teeth. Today, besides metal locks, there are ceramic, composite and metal-ceramic locks if the patient does not like the appearance of “black” locks. There are other solutions, like so-called invisible braces that are placed on the side of tongue or palate so they can’t be visible.

Mobile braces are used for retention after wearing fixed ones or in children with mixed dentition to correct minor dental or skeletal defects or to control some bad habits like tongue pushing.

After rectifying the dental arch, patients continue with the therapy by holding the retainer that maintains their corrected condition. They can be mobile and made of plastic or can be permanently attached to the teeth in the form of wire.

Our orthodontist will arrange with you when and what kind of braces is the best for you!

It is extremely important to maintain excellent and proper hygiene of your braces and your teeth! There are no major prohibitions after the braces have been set, but the most important is that the patient understands the importance of regular visits and adheres to the rules orthodontist advised him/her. This way, the process of teeth correcting is not prolonged and the patient is motivated as soon as he/she sees little changes!