Conservative dental medicine

The most common reason why you come to us is pain. If pain occurs, the most common cause is caries or inflammation of the “nerve”. Conservative dental medicine includes restorative treatment of caries with aesthetic “white” fillings or “seals” and endodontics for treating dental pulp or “nerve” disease and areas around tooth root.

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Dental caries is an infection caused by existing bacteria in the oral cavity and food residues. Bacteria consume our food (saccharose), and as a result of this process they produce acids that reduce the pH of the teeth. Acids in such cases damage the dental enamel creating caries. Then the doctor cleans the tooth area where the caries took place until he reaches the healthy part of the tooth.

It is very important to diagnose the caries on time, beacuse it can be very aggressive as we often do not notice it until the cold-warm sensitivity of the tooth and pain occur.

Today, there are modern composites, filling materials, i.e. “seals” for the teeth. They are biocompatible, chemically bonded to the tooth, have excellent mechanical properties and allow us qualitative and aesthetic reconstruction and allow minimal removal of the diseased part of the tooth.

The surface caries are removed by fluoride, while the deeper ones are treated mechanically or removed by a dental drill. After removing the caries, the tooth must be filled with a suitable filling. The filler can be single-surfaced, double-surfaced or triple-surfaced depending on the size of the caries.

We only work with the highest quality white fills!

Below the dental enamel there is a dental pulp, a soft tissue composed of nerves and blood vessels. In the case of caries or tooth rupture, bacteria may enter the root canal and cause an infection. If the infection is not treated, it can also affect the bone. In this case, it is not enough to cure caries, but it is necessary to treat the pulp through endodontic therapy.

​Therapy may include one or more visits where we use medicaments. Sometimes antibiotics therapy is needed along with the mechanical removal of the inflammed nerve.

During endodontic interventions using special manual and machine instruments, “needles”, we remove a soft part from the pulp chamber and the root canals. Handling the channel is then followed by disinfection and filling. At the end of the treatment, a radiological control of successful filling is performed.

Candidates are all with one of the following symptoms: pulsating pain that is more expressed at night, bite pain, cold-warm tooth sensitivity, swelling, fistula (pus) on top of the tooth root visible on the X-ray.

We only use the most modern processing and root filling techniques!

Large filling is not a solution if the caries destroy very large tooth surface. In these cases, there are two options left. The first is to take the tooth out, and the other is to prosthetically rehabilitate it. Upgrades should be used for such repairs. Upgrade strengthens the remainder of the tooth. They can be either nonmetal or metal and ready made (manufactured in factory) or individual. Upgrades are not a final job. Composite fillings or crowns need to be put on them. Precisely because of these possibilities, the tooth does not have to be removed, because if the root is firm and the tooth is been treated, it remains in the mouth.

The inflated dental nerve need to be removed from the root canal to prevent spread of inflammation to the surrounding tissue, as well as possible tooth loss. In radiological imaging, spreading of the inflammation is seen as an inflammatory process in the bone around the root of the tooth (granule or cyst), and if there is acute inflammation of the nerve, it is not necessary for these changes to be seen on rtg. pictures. Even without pain there may be a nerve infection that can cause chronic inflammation of the bone under the root of the tooth (granule).

Untreated teeth can cause heart, kidneys, joints problems, and can cause partial hair loss (alopecia). All of these problems are solved by quality tooth care.

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