Functional diagnostic and therapy

Functional Diagnostic and Therapy is a field of dental medicine that includes analysis of your bite, position and load of jaw (temporomandibular) joints with the most modern devices.

Functional Diagnostic is based on clinical examination and instrumental analysis of the chewing system (including chewing/cheek musculature, jaw joint and entire static).

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In front of your ear there are the jaw joints. In perfect case they are centered and symmetrical.

The disorder of jaw joints is influenced by a number of factors including the most important ones like irregular bite (genetic predisposition, poor prosthetic work, poor filling), trauma (direct, indirect or microtrauma), parafunctions (compression and creaking – bruxism, chewing gums, biting nails and lips) and psychological problems associated with emotional stress.

Temporomandibular disorder (TMP) represents all conditions of chronic pain of non-dental origin and includes numerous clinical conditions involving chewing muscles, joints and surrounding structures. TMP is very complex in clinical image and diagnostic and requires a multidisciplinary approach including dental practitioner, physiotherapist, orthodontis and many other specialists.

The symptoms that occur and are subjectively experienced by the patient are the pain in chewing muscles, joints or surrounding structures, the sounds (clicking, skipping, cracking) and the limited opening of the lower jaw. In addition, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, dizziness, vomiting, ear sounds and blurred vision may still occur.

Functional diagnostic with state-of-the-art equipment are included in all MDC services and proceedings!

Treatment begins with a comprehensive and thorough clinical examination and then we continue with the diagnostic procedure. In addition to the 2D / 3D image of your joint in diagnosis, we also use the modern ZEBRIS system (Zebris Medical Gmbh) with which in the most modern way we analyze and monitor the movements and condition of your joint on the computer during treatment, as well as ZEBRIS platform as an additional high quality item in diagnosis that shows us which side of the body is dominant and on which side of the body the muscles are more expressed.

After the diagnostic we start the functional therapy. Primary, standard dental therapy begins with occlusal splints due to its reversible, noninvasive and conservative approach.

After the splint therapy, the complete reconstruction of your bite is performed – taking care of bad junctures, various interventions on teeth or making a new prosthetic.

The main goal of the functional therapy is to re-establish the harmony between occlusion, chewing musculature and jaw joint as well as elimination of parafunctions!

Our great aid in symptom treatment is a dielectric laser EPIC ™ with a special extension that serves to reduce the symptoms of the chewing muscle or joint pain