The employees of the center are our greatest value, because with their professional approach they allow the patients a pleasant and comfortable stay. Proof of our expertise and kindness are the patients and their smiles that we provide them. The clinic consists of three modernly-equipped ordinations with top-of-the-range chairs with embedded dental cameras that enable a multimedia approach to dental work planning. Our patients, along with doctors and assistants, are involved in the process planning that will be performed in their mouth which gives them additional safety and security.

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Also, within the clinic there is a dental laboratory equipped with the most modern devices. In the entire clinic area, you have free access to the internet, and our patients are provided with interactive displays where they can find all the important information about the center itself as well as the tourist facilities at their disposal.

As part of the clinic, we are equipped with a chair for immovable and immobile persons.

Also, within the clinic, our patients and tourists are given the use of bicycles, with which they can spend their time enjoying the ride and the day in sunny Dalmatia.


Diagnostic, as well as clinical examination, is the most important item for successful oral rehabilitation.Any work in the oral cavity begins with a panoramic shot where it is possible to see inflammatory processes, treatments, caries, teeth and bone, sinuses etc. It gives us the first insight into your oral condition. Panoramic footage allows us to make a precise therapy plan and your offer!

We have top-of-the-line devices that provide precision diagnostics with minimal radiation and superior image purity. Thanks to the quality diagnosis, we get accurate insight into the condition of your lumbar cavity to set the correct therapy plan.

In planning and diagnosing of implantological, prosthetical and other works, we use 2D / 3D dental X-ray and Rtg radiovisiography of the renowned MyRay company, top-of-the-line devices that allow precise diagnosis with minimal radiation and superior image purity. The advantage of this technology is that the recording is saved digitally and can be saved on a CD or sent via e-mail at the patient’s request.

We use the state-of-the-art technology in diagnostic!

Our team

Our staff are dental doctors, dental technicians, dental assistants, administrative staff and external associates who, with their knowledge and teamwork, provide a complete and individual approach to every patient. MDC today employs about ten employees, and also has external associates in the field of oral surgery, orthodontics and functional diagnostic.

Goran Nedoklan, Head of the dental medicine center

Goran Nedoklan was born in 1960 in Knin. He is also a director of the polyclinic he founded in 1988 shortly after moving from Zagreb – where he spent part of his life and schooling – to Vodice. His career began with a great vision and only one dental medicine practitioner in 1988, and as the practice developed, so did he employ more health professionals. In 1997 he opened a dental laboratory as well, and in 2004 he expanded his work and opened a polyclinic with three modernly equipped ordinations, laboratory, diagnostic and training center for education and work courses. In 2008 MDC became a company with great ambitions of opening a health center with wellness and hotel. Goran Nedoklan holds numerous certificates in the field of dental technology, dental medicine and medical management. He has a license for work assigned by HKDM (Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine) and a certificate in the field of licensing and certification of members of the Medical Management Cluster. Goran Nedoklan is one of the founders and initiators of Croatian medical tourism through the Association of Medical Tourism and the Croatian Medical Cluster. He is a longtime member of the Croatian Chamber of Economy and head of the Department of Medical Tourism at the Health Tourism Organization. He is active in organizing congresses, seminars and workshops. He is the recipient of various placards for volunteering and humanitarian work. He is a member of the Christian Association of Health Workers of the World as well as the Gideon International Business Association.

Doctors of dental mdeicine

Ivana Nedoklan

Dental technicians

Mateja Nedoklan

Laszlo Hornjik

Maja Babić

Maja Cvitan

Dental assistants

Sandra Đžiđić

Anita Varnica

Valentina Suton


Ildiko Hornjik


Iva Nedoklan

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