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If you plan to visit the MDC by car, it is best to take the usual route that is passable from the direction of the center of Vodice to us, or via Srima if you are coming from the direction of Šibenik.


Namely, due to works on the rotor (on the route INA gas station – Hotel Orion), traffic has been temporarily diverted and such regulation will remain until February 16, 2024.



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Implantology is a field of dental medicine that deals with the replacement of one or more missing teeth. ​​


Aesthetic dental medicine includes almost all areas of dental medicine (orthodontics, dental prosthetics, endodontics, periodontology). These interventions allow us to change the appearance of teeth by improving dental aesthetics, position, shape, size and overall smile.​ ​

Functional Diagnostic

Functional Diagnostic and Therapy is a field of dental medicine that includes analysis of your bite, position and load of jaw (temporomandibular) joints with the most modern devices

The Matell Medical Dental Centar (MDC) is a modern center of dental medicine and a polyclinic of Nedoklan family, founded in 1988, a pleasant and modern ambience, located in the heart of our beautiful Dalmatia, in Vodice. We provide all dental care services including implantology and oral surgery, dental prosthetics, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, general dental medicine and diagnostic and pain management of painful jaw joints. With our team of experts and staff we will make sure that the time spent with us is as pleasant as possible. We access each patient individually and provide the ultimate service and perfect smile that will accompany him/her through life.

With more than 30 years of experience in the profession we welcome you to our polyclinic because we take care of your oral health and smile!

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Guarantee and safety

Each patient with an implant (Straumann, Dentium, SGS) receives an implant booklet with unique serial number as a guarantee of originality and quality. Each implant is covered by a guarantee. The guarantee for our prosthetic works is 3 years. In order to be valid a patient must comply with the doctor’s instructions and must not undertake other doctors procedures without prior consultation with our clinic. Regular controls (at least once a year) and proper oral hygiene allow the validity of the guarantee, and also the oral health of the patient. We guarantee safety with a professional and capable team that is continually professionally trained at domestic and international seminars. We also guarantee total security and discretion during their stay in the center, and our clinic staff is available 24 hours if they need something.

The proof that we operate in a systematic and transparent manner and maintain a quality management system is ISO 9001!

MDC applies all the hygiene and safety standards that exist in today’s modern dental medicine. All devices and appliances used in the center have been tested and have a valid technical validation certificate, and we maintain the hygienic standards using disposable items (gloves, glasses, pumps, etc.). All non-disposable instruments are washed, disinfected and sterilized on a daily basis and the staff wears protective clothing and footwear. MDC is committed to maintaining safety in the clinic’s premises and providing maximum protection to all employees, patients and visitors of the center. All equipment is regularly serviced in an authorized service and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

The safety and the satisfaction of our patients are the first thing which is witnessed by all the patients who spread good reputation about us all over Europe and Croatia!

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